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Electrical Projects

Projects with wiring and electrical components 

IMG_20210826_120925 - Copy_edited.jpg


Periodic Table Display Case

Mar. 2021 - I originally built this in my wood shop class during 10th grade to store the element samples I collect. Over the summer, I took a few hundred LEDs, an Arduino, and a PSU and made a custom-animated display behind the elements. I have further plans to add interactive features, such as information about each element, games, and music reactivity.



Rocket Thrust Stand

Dec. 2020 - Faced with varying performance from rocket motors I made, I needed a way to quantify their thrust and impulse to analyze the effects of my manufacturing processes on their efficiency. Using a load cell, I designed and programmed a thrust stand to record data at 20Hz and integrate it to find overall rocket impulse. Horizontal designs in the future may provide better results, as propellant mass loss will no longer be relevant.



Launch Sequence Buttons

Jan. 2021 - Intended to work with the thrust stand, this coded sequence of buttons would act as a long-distance trigger for rocket launches or tests, improving safety while also looking pretty cool. 

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